Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeff Spec - On My Feet (official music video)

An ill concept for a song can only lead to a dope video! Enter Jeff Spec's official video release for "On My Feet" which is off his latest release of 'Sneakerboxxx'! Be on the look out for the Jeff Spec X Boombox Saints collab entitled "Been So Long" coming very soon! Put Ya Boxes Up and enjoy the video!

* Jeff Spec - On My Feet

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shurrr Okay Buddy!

It's definitely been such a blessed last few months, a couple projects on the horizon including a collaboration that's been due for some time now. We had the privilege of sharing the stage in Whistler with Matt Brevner in opening up for Souls Of Mischief just over a week ago! Brevy is definitely a talented performer who definitely hones his craft well for which we have the utmost respect for! We went in on some ig'nant shiet & had fun with this track which'll be released soon for your listenin' pleasure! Shout out to B-Sharp, Put Ya Boxes Up!

Check out Matt Brevners' Music Video for "Culture Shock" off his album 'Magnum Opus'

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"She Got" on iTunes

Our first single "She Got" produced by DJ Hunt is now available on iTunes for download! A huge thank you to everyone who've continued to show your support! Y'all are fam forreal! Put Ya Boxes Up!

Boombox Saints: She Got (produced by DJ Hunt)

Revisit "This Should've Been An Album" Mixtape

I was cruisin' around town listenin' to our 2009 release of "This Should've Been An Album" Mixtape V2.0 and kept a few select tracks on repeat cuz they gave me a reminder of last summer. I posted them up for your listenin' pleasure and if you haven't done so already, click the link to download the mixtape for free! Put Ya Boxes Up & Enjoy!

Boombox Saints: It Don't Matter (Ass Gets Fatter)

Boombox Saints: Mood Swang

Boombox Saints: Every Girl (Remix)

Boombox Saints: Kinda Like A Big Deal (Remix)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back To The Feature

What's good fam?! We're mad excited for this collaboration that's brewin' with the homie JeffSpec it's definitely gonna be something special! We were lucky to get a sneak peek of his video for "On My Feet" off his recently released album "Sneakerboxxx"! Show your support & love for an amazing talent! Put Ya Boxes Up!

Support your hometown artists!!!

Gotta show love & support for local and home grown fam! The good brethren Matt Brevner put this joint out over the weekend keep on the lookout for this beast, B-Sharp!

And it is Monday, so if you're lookin' to party and surround yourselves with good music and more hometown talent hit up Shine Nightclub for a FREE, yeah i said FREE party (free cover that is)!! Gangsta Boogie Monday is bein' put on by Alife with DJ SEKO & DJ WATARU on the 1's & 2's with a special performance by Vancitys' Nicest JAYKIN along with SPOT & ESS of D-City! Make sure you check em' out!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Continued Blessings

The Boombox Saints continue to be blessed to open for legendary and up & coming artists in the urban music industry. June and July proved to be no different as we opened up for Westcoast long beach legend Warren G, Los angeles Californias' Far East Movement and Oakland Californias' legendary Souls Of Mischief! Its always a humbling experience and a blessing to meet and share the stage with artist we listened to growing up! Put Ya Boxes Up!

BBS TV: Episode 5

Here we go with BBS TV's Episode 5 where we left off from an unfortunate situation in Winnipeg, however we will be back very, very soon! Next stop on the hometown tour, T-Dot & Freeky Ps' hometown of The Steel City, Hamilton! Joinin' us on this leg of the tour is our Boombox Brethren DJ Hunt for some goodtimes, we'll let you see for yourselves!

* BBS TV: Episode 5

BBS TV: Episode 4

Come and join the Boombox Familia as we head out for our mini hometown tour as we set it off with footage startin' with our show at the rickshaw theater in Adlibs' hometown, Vancouver en route to Huggy Fresh and DJ Reliks' hometown of Winnpeg! Put Ya Boxes Up & Enjoy!

* BBS TV: Episode 4

BBS TV: Episode 3

Here we go fam, episode 3 is locked and loaded for your viewing pleasure! Put Ya Boxes Up!

* BBS TV: Episode 3

BBS TV: Studio Sessions

Boombox familia, feelin' good, feelin' great, how are you?!? Here's a couple quick clips of the team gettin' it in at the studio working against the time to beat a deadline for an upcoming project! Put Ya Boxes Up & Enjoy!

* BBS TV: March 7th 2010
In the studio workin' on "Gotta Let You Know" (song title pending) Produced By Essency, shout out to Spot & Ess of D-City

* BBS TV: March 11th 2010
Working on "Be That" Produced By K-Rec'n'Heffnah

BBS TV: Episodes 2

Whats good fam?! Probably one of the most memorable experiences we've ever experienced as vancouverites let alone Canada as a nation was happening in our own backyard for The 2010 Winter Olympics. In this episode The Boombox Familia had a bunch of exciting events to attend, including some red carpet celebrations and a great Olympic performance which we hope you'll enjoy! Put Ya Boxes Up!

* BBS TV: Episode 2

BBS TV: Episodes 1

Whats good fam?! We've been away for a minute with our site under construction but the boombox familia has been keepin' things movin' with new songs, more upcoming shows and a new feature called BBS TV! BBS TV is a video blog that gives our fans, friends and family an inside look into a day in the life of The Boombox Saints taking you anywhere from studio recording sessions to behind the scenes of shows and whenever we go on the road! So for your viewing pleasure, we hope you enjoy! Put Ya Boxes Up!

* BBS TV: Episode 1 (February 2nd 2010)