Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boombox Saints Present "Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story" EP

Ladies and gentleman, friends and's finally here! The official release of our 2nd EP "Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story is now available for FREE, yes, FREE DOWNLOAD! We'd like to thank everyone who helped in creation of this very special project!

The EP is best described as “a post modern, modern epic love tale of our collective lives tracked by a New-stalgic soundscape, detailing the joys and falls of relation(ships) in the never ending chase of happiness.” -Freeky P

We wanted to showcase a specific genre from our musical spectrum, creating a project dedicated to the era of Hip Hop and RnB that helped influence and craft the bands amalgam of sound to what it is today. Featuring 15 original songs with production by Lokeynote, Jeff Spec, Cinematic, Ess and K-Rec with guest spots by Matt Brevner, Jeff Spec, Jill Laxamana and DJ Relik! A special thank you to Dave Waplington for the amazing work for the EP artwork, Kent 'K-Rec' Stephany, Michael 'House Of Windo' Alcantara, Hunter 'DJ Hunt' Pearson, and Lexani Llaguno for all the hard work and support! Shouts to Jenkin Au and the team at JustALilHype for the photography, Mike Rocriguez & Ian Barcia for blessing us with your creativity to help set the story off...everybody just stay tuned!

Boombox Saints Present "Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story" EP


1 - Bringin' The Boom Back Featuring DJ Relik (Produced By K-Rec)

2 - Get That
(Produced By K-Rec and RichardFitzwell)

3 - Believe
(Produced By Jeff Spec)

4 - Skit 1 Featuring
Marica Morales

5 - Gotta Let You Know (Produced By Ess)

6 - Across The Sky (Produced By Cinematic)

7 - Never Enough Featuring Jay+Kin (Produced By Jeff Spec)

8 - Skit 2 Featuring
Marica Morales and Curtis Lum

9 - Late Night Creep (Produced By K-Rec and

10 - The BreakUpSong Featuring Jill Laxamana
(Produced By Jeff Spec)

11 - Been So Long
Featuring and Produced By Jeff Spec

12 - Need You (Produced By Lo Key Note)

13 - Skit 3 Featuring Liz Portillo Pascual

14 - Where I'm From Featuring Matt Brevner and Jill Laxamana
(Produced By Cinematic)

15 - Afterparty (Produced By Ess)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story EP NOW PLAYING on MuchMusic.Com

The Boombox Saints are proud to release their 2nd EP "Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story" on March 8, 2011! MuchMusic.Com is currently featuring a first-spin listeners party online prior to the official release to give everyone a sneak peak! We were blessed to get features and production from Jeff Spec, Cinematic, Ess, Lokeynote, K-Rec, DJ Relik, Matt Brevner, Jaykin, Jill Laxamanah, Marica Morales and Curtis Lum, we wanna thank each and everyone of y'all for bein' a part of this special project! A special shout out to Dave Waplington for the amazing job you did on the artwork for the project, thank you! Coming soon will be the official video directed by Mike Rodriguez for the first single "Bringin' The Boom Back"! Without further ado, get your preview on for Boombox Saints "Bringin' TheBoom Back: Based On A True Story" EP!!! Put your boxes up!!!

"She Got" Now Playing On Much Vibe!!!

First off, a huge thank you to everyone for showin' so much love this past week! The responses to the release of "She Got" has been incredibly overwhelming! As of Friday March 8, "She Got" was added into rotation on Much Vibe, is currently playing on the MuchMusic website, featured on AuxTV and now available on youtube! We'd like to thank everyone who was a part of making this video happen! Box studios, Leo Perez, Will Minsky, Brent Hodge, Dave Dimap, Marjo Ustaris, Amanda Gangoso, PJ Prinsloo, VJ Delos Reyes, the entire cast and crew! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We're On TV Baby!!!

Boombox Saints: She Got (Produced By: DJ Hunt)

Make your requests for "She Got"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BOOMBOX SAINTS March Madness!!!

March 1st, 2011!!! Can't believe its already march?? Well we can, and we're about to kick things off properly for every single one of our family, friends and supporters!!!

1) We'll kick things off with our feature on AuxTV that included an interview and the premiere for the "She Got" music video. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who helped make this possible, Leonardo Perez, Will Minsky, Brent Hodge, Amanda Gangoso, Shaina Azad, Marjolyn Ustaris, David Dimapilis, PJ Prinsloo, the cast and crew, from the bottom of our hearts...Thank You! Click on the links to peep the interview and then the video premiere of Boombox Saints "She Got" ***"SHE GOT" will be added into rotation on Much Music as of Friday, March 4/11!!!***

Boombox Saints "She Got" Music Video Premiere on AUX.TV
produced by DJ Hunt

Check the interview we did on AUX.TV as well!

2) We continue on with"Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story" EP now currently featured on!!! make sure y'all check it out and get an early listen before it gets released for free download online on March 8! Click on the link to peep "Bringin' The Boom Back: Based On A True Story" EP

3) Make sure you check out our interview on EarShot right here, which is a national campus radio online publication!

We were also fortunate to have an hour long special on 92.5 CFBX "Jazz on the Rocks" m where we were interviewed by Shelley G make sure y'all check that out!

4) We're goin' goin' back back to the T-Dot, T-Dot! We'll be in Toronto on March 10 for the Canadian Music Week 2011 showcase at Club XS at 10:oopm! Get your tickets for this show right here!

Our 2nd show in Toronto will be taking place on Saturday March 12 for Kollaboration 2011 at Queen Elizabeth Theater, for more info and tickets click right here!

5) Boombox Saints "She Got" Video Crew Wrap Party this wednesday March 2nd at Barcelona Night Club (1180 Granville Street) for 1st Love Wednesdays! Special shout out to the 1st Love Family, DJ Relik & Lokoboy, Lechance, Icy Touch, Adlib and Wataru!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends & Family....Put Ya Boxes Up!!!