Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BBS TV: Episode 9

Whats good fam! Here we go with the latest installment of BBS TV, Episode 9 to kick off 2011 for your viewing pleasure! The Boombox family has been busy and now just counting down the days to the release of "Bringin' The Boom Back: B.ased O.n A. T.rue S.tory"....just putting the final touches on the project! We've been truly blessed to have the support on both the production and co-starring features for this record! Look out for a few teasers in the next few weeks with another special surprise comin' REAL SOON! Without further ado, BBS TV: Episode 9...Put Ya Boxes Up!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hunt.FM Episode #135: Themeless In Vancouver

HAPPY NEW YEARS from the Boombox Fam! Hope y'all had a great holiday season! We've been busy cookin' up somethin' special for our fans in 2011 so stay tuned, you will NOT want to miss this! Fellow Boombox Brethren, DJ Hunt's HUNT.FM just released episode #135 "Themeless In Vancouver". In this episode both DJ Hunt and Jenno showcase their top 5 themeless selections for 2010, for DJ Hunt it was his top 5 productions for 2010! Congratulations on a great year Hunter, We are truly blessed to have you as a part of our Boombox Family! "...The funny thing is we just gettin' started!" Put Ya Boxes Up!!!